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Dit is mijn portfolio.

I Wonder

I was brought into this world
On a summer’s day in 83
Blissfully unaware
Of all that was to come for me

I failed to find the confidence
That had to be instilled in me
I’d lost the game of life
Before I had begun

I wonder if I’m on this earth
To struggle with depression
From everything that I went through
I learned a valuable lesson

Namely everywhere I go
I bring myself along
Part of me is weak
And part of me is strong

And it doesn’t help to wonder
Why you’re different in some ways
It is better to accept
That there’s bad and better days

And if things make you uncomfortable
They’re better left alone
And it’s better not to look for
The hurtful sticks and stones

Every bit of pain you feel
Can teach you something new
And help to get to know yourself
And why you do just what you do

And I wonder to myself sometimes
If this is all there is
Or if deep down inside
I may want a house and several kids

But it’s hard to make decisions
That affect your life that much
And you measure others’ plight
And find you’re somehow out of touch